How to Move dishwasher

If you move house then there is a chance you take your equipment with you-and that requires a bit more thought than moving like a sofa or a pile of books. As we have discussed in other articles moving your main equipment, it is usually not as easy as just pull the plug and take them with you. So when it comes to how to move the dishwasher, you will want to put a plan in place, not just try to wing it moves today.

Most dishwashers are guaranteed in your kitchen in several different ways. One, with electricity supply, water supply, and sewage pipes that make them work, and two, with the screws that attach it to the top of the table. You need to safely and efficiently remove all of this when you move the dishwasher, and you also have to properly wrap and transport.

So what steps should you take? Read on to find out how best to move the dishwasher, and keep in mind that, if it seems like something you're not sure you want to try, you can always call in a pro to do the job for you.

Shut Off Power and Water
Dishwasher runs on two main things: the power supply and water supply. The power supply is what is said in the motion, while the water supply well, what with the water supply. And it is important that none of these supply lines is active when you go to decide the unit.

To turn off the power supply, head to your circuit breaker and flip off to the kitchen. Then head to the main water valve to your house and flip off it as well. You'll also want to turn off the water supply taps directly into the dishwasher, which you should find under your kitchen sink.

Disconnect Unit
Now that the electricity and water were shut off you can get to work release unit.

Start by unplugging the drainage pipe, also called the drain hose, through which water filter out of the dishwasher after use. As a direct water supply line, you can usually find this pipe is located under your kitchen sink. Use the wrench to loosen the fitting, maintaining the connection, put a bucket under the pipe before removing it in case any residual water leaking out.

The next key step when you need to move the dishwasher is to remove the power cord. If your dishwasher is only connected to this wall represents the only easily unplug it. If the cable goes behind the wall even though it will take a little more effort. Find a metal junction box that hides wires and remove it from the wall. Then loosen the nuts that keep the wires in place.

Note: You will want to keep all of these nuts in a secure location for later on when you're setting up your dishwasher in your new home. When you go on removing the unit, put all the beans in, little labeled bags so you know where to find everything.

Remove the dishwasher Of Counter
Most dishwashers are guaranteed to counter tops to keep them from shifting around during use, which means that in order to move the dishwasher you will have to remove the screws that hold it in place.

These screws can be found in the unit, thus opening the door and looking towards the top, where the borders of your dishwasher to the table. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws, and add it to the bag with nuts. If your dishwasher has adjustable feet keep at a height counter, you will be able to lower them now to make the unit easier to maneuver.

Pull Out dishwasher Wall
It's time to liberate your dishwasher from that place. You have to go though slow, because the power supply, water supply and drainage pipes will still lead to it. Start by moving the dishwasher is partially ejected, and then carefully push the lead out through the holes they were appointed. Having a friend to help you out here would be a big advantage, because the dishwasher weight. It also helps to have someone to watch the back side of the unit when you remove the supply lines so that they can help you navigate.

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