How Long Does It Take to Build New House Construction?

A lot of thought went into deciding whether or not to build a house-including new construction how long will be before you get to finally move. Unlike with pre-built homes, the process of moving to new construction requires you to wait for more than just the closing period. You have to factor in extra time for things like designing your home and complete all the many details, as well as the time for the house itself to be built. So how long did it all take? Below, we will share some of the data about the time needed to build new construction homes in the US, as well as the steps that you will go through during the process.

Average Time to Build New Construction Home
The average amount of time to build a house of new construction of about 7.7 months, according to data from the US Census Bureau's 2018 Survey of Construction. It included about one month to build authorizations and permits, followed by 6.7 months of actual construction, ending with a final walk through. Note that this timeline refers to houses built for sale, such as custom homes in new housing construction. Houses are built by the homeowners themselves take much longer, at 12.5 months, probably due to lack of experience and a smaller crew.

What is not included in the census data is a planning process that happens prior authorization and permission. If you do a custom build, this includes the time when you meet with a sales office, choose your floor plan and structural features, and select all of your design upgrades. You also have to factor in the time to get your financing in order, because most custom home builders will need at least some part of your down payment before ground breaking.

As for how long that all take, it depends on several different factors, including how fast you can make all of the many decisions that go into designing your house (and there are many of them). The more you can plan ahead in terms of things like structural features and financing, the shorter the planning process will become-and the sooner you can move on to the authorization and construction itself.

Factors that may slow down the New Building Construction
Ideally, every step of the process will run as smoothly as possible when you build a new construction home. But the reality of new home construction is usually a little more complicated than that, and minor (or sometimes major) delay will always be possible.

There are several factors that tend to brake-at least temporarily-on new construction build:

authorization process. The amount of time needed to obtain authorization and permission from the local Planning and Building Department can vary, though as noted earlier, the US Census Bureau reported this takes a month on average. If you find any problems though, such as zoning issues, easements, or a dispute over the property line, it will take longer to earn a trip to the front. Fortunately, if you are building your home in a new housing development many legal issues have been cleared, and it will only be a problem getting the final "OK" on the city or town.

Weather. The weather is a big variable in how long it takes to build a new construction home. Temperature and rainfall can affect the timeline either, because in addition to the workers themselves may slow these factors can directly affect the amount of time it takes to do things like set of concrete for the foundation of the house and get the framing above. After the house under the roof, however, when the building should not be too dependent on outside conditions.

The location and topography. Where you're building things your home. Several varieties of ground being harder to break through and build on (such as clay), and detailed topography such as hills and rocks can also slow down the process.

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