Explore the Cinematic Landscape Architecture L.A. this

When Tim Street-Porter studied architecture in London in the early 1960s, David Hockney is a student at the Royal College of Art. As Hockney, Street-Porter moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of his career as a photographer of architecture to break free from the monotony of drab European cityscapes.

"David wanted to capture the extraordinary light, views of the desert, and a certain quality of architecture and all the palm trees, and they were all the same things I was interested in," said Street-Porter, who first visited Los Angeles as an exchange student in in 1964. He studied in San Francisco and went to lA for the weekend to take on the Beatles concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The same weekend she saw all the Frank Lloyd Wright house in town and got his first taste of the infinite possibilities of LA When he returned a decade later, the architecture photographers meet all the artists Keren School in Venice Beach, including Ed Ruscha and Frank O. Gehry, and the Gehry-sponsored green cards Street-Porter when he moved here in 1978.

"I came as the architecture-trained and come to see it as a blank canvas exotic," said Street-Porter, who has devoted the last four decades to fill the canvas with the image of opera full blooded that captures the essence of the city of iconic architecture, from the Randy's Donuts in Inglewood and Simon Rodia's Watts Towers to Hollywood Chateau Marmont and Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown. In the process he published four books about the city and working on the fifth, L.A. Today, to be released in the spring and arresting dozens of new magic (The Broad) and old (Wright 1921 Mayan Revival-style Hollyhock House). He made these drawings as well as the print edition of the 300 buildings he photographed during the year-towered exterior, the interior is lush, and the murals of the San Fernando Valley to East L.A.-available for licensing through the newly launched Iconic Los Angeles Agency.

"The whole perception of what LA has really changed in the last 40 years," said Street-Porter, who wished photographs can provide a visual narrative for art directors and art collectors to bridge the history of the historic city of architecture-some of which have unfortunately been destroyed, such as efficient Pan Pacific Auditorium, where Elvis once done rapidly changing cultural capital.

"When I add all of them, I have accumulated a picture that no one else has, so why not start an agency where I can sell all the pictures under one roof," said Street-Porter. "LA, has some remarkable architecture of the most in the world, and it is not available to people so I felt I was almost obliged to do this. Everyone was very enthusiastic so far, so we'll see how it goes."

At the time of Los Angeles is the center of the protests of racial justice and in the middle of the second wave lockdown coronavirus, pictures Street-Porter probably the best way for tourists (and residents) to get a glimpse of the cinematic of LA they do not see for some time.

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