A Look Inside A Couple Design Hamptons Idyllic Retreat

Reinaldo Leandro and Patrick McGrath was not looking for a weekend home when they saw a for sale sign outside a shingled cottage in the hamlet of ancient Hamptons Springs. But given their common line of work, how Manhattan a few could resist a peek? Although the land itself is simple, "home feel tucked-in and private," recalls Leandro, architect and founder of the company AD100 Ashe Leandro. The residence has a 1930 look and feel, with excellent attention to detail, even though it was built in 2000. "So there is central air," notes McGrath, head of his own design studio. They quickly bought the property and set about renovating. As Leandro explains: "We are both in the field, so we made a quick decision."

Small, the change is considered, as the duo know well, makes all the difference. Architecturally speaking, they punched through the ceiling to expose the gabled roof line; add doors to improve the indoor / outdoor feel; Window repositioning; and updated surfaces and fixtures, wide plank pine floors pickles, purify the dark kitchen cabinets with a bucket of white paint, and swap the shiny brass hardware with matte black keys. "A very small, to make it seem more cottagey," said Leandro. New bookshelf floor to ceiling not only accommodate their extensive library but also, he continued, "make the threshold between the kitchen and dining room."

While Leandro lead in structural design, McGrath drove decor, artful repurposing many existing furniture. living room sofa, for example, has slipcovered in white cloth with a box-pleat trim crispy, while the bedroom carpet is collected on a trip to Turkey and Mexico for many years. When Leandro, a modernist, made a surprising request for chintz, McGrath delivered with two club chairs wrapped in graphics Rose Cumming calla lily-breath of fresh air with background backup. There are a lot of trial and error as well. Only when the marble bench McGrath had bought at auction arrived did they realize that, in a few hundred pounds, that would not do in the master bath. Now invite the stairs.

"Everything has a story," said Leandro, showed bedcover (purchase of Paris) and earthenware pineapple (souvenir of San Miguel de Allende). art ranges from rare prints to pre-Columbian icons. "There is a Peruvian colonial Virgin my parents gave me when I came out, so it will protect me," Leandro deadpans. "Now it can protect guests." Hailing from Venezuela, he admitted that the roots of New England McGrath put it convenient when it comes to decorating in a cottage style-though they do not always see eye to eye. "At a certain point I did say, 'If another urn coming into this house, I would have a meltdown.'" McGrath interrupted with a laugh, showing table lamps that flank the guest bed: "And some are even greater."

To oversee the park and swimming pool, the couple gave freedom to the celebrated landscape architect Perry Guillot, which restricts the planting of three native species: Eastern red cedar, wood boxes, and Viburnum. "It was really nice to have the experience of trusting others with control," said McGrath. "Perry even have gravel." Outdoor furniture vintage, however, bears the stamp charming McGrath: retro green pillow trimmed with white piping. No question has been turned into a beautiful retreat, but also be a boon to business. "We started to get more work here," said McGrath, explaining that local projects have given them both more time away from the city. But, he adds with a knowing grin, is a double-edged sword: "There is little time to relax when your client know you're five minutes."

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