4 Tips For Moving Microwave

In the case of kitchen appliances, mobile microwave will definitely be one job easier to overcome. Microwave is much lighter than other kitchen essentials such as a stove, oven ranges, and refrigerators, and with most microwaves, you do not have to worry about calling a professional to come in and help you out. With that in mind, there are some best practice tips that you should follow to ensure that your microwave ended up in your new home as good of condition as it was in when leaving your old one. Here are four of them.

Clean It Before You Pack It
As with all the kitchen equipment, it is always recommended that you give it a good cleaning your microwave before you pack it and transport it to your new home. You'll be surprised by how much oil and dirt can build up in the microwave and even if you regularly delete it. All gunk that may threaten the integrity of the box that you use for the packaging as you move the microwave, and the only means more work for you later on when you're setting up the tool back. You may clean the kitchen because you stay in step-out, add your microwave for you to make a list of necessary items.

Look at the manufacturer's guidelines for suggestions on how to clean your particular model (if you do not have it handy, you can probably find it online). Most microwaves cleaned by first steam vinegar to remove build up in the interior. To do this, mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water in a microwave safe bowl or measuring cup and then place it in the microwave and exercise power for three to five minutes. Remove the bowl carefully using oven mitt because it would be super hot and then remove the glass tray. Next, use a clean sponge to wipe down all interior surfaces, including the interior side facing the door. Then give the glass tray thorough scrub down with soap and warm water or run it through a cycle in the dishwasher.

Do not forget to clean the outside of your microwave, too. A microfiber cloth moistened with alcohol should solve it. If you clean your microwave immediately before packing it, give it some time to try before wrapping it. It will not be long because alcohol dries quickly.

Follow the exact steps for Removing Ventilation Microwave
If you move the microwave that serves double duty as a ventilation device on the stove, you need to take extra precautions beyond simply unplugging from the wall. Hunker break down the steps on how to do this, including:

Turn off the power to the kitchen of the circuit breaker
Unplug the microwave (plug should be placed in the cabinet above it)
Removing the vent with a screwdriver to expose the bottom of the wall mount bracket
Removing the screw in the mounting bracket
Microwave lifted off of the hook bracket
Note that you'll need a set of hands to help you remove the microwave ventilation. That's because the tool will become increasingly unstable as you remove the various screws, and there should be in place to ensure it does not fall. An aide will also be able to assist you in maneuvers off the microwave of the hook bracket and secure guiding it to the floor or other flat surface and large.

securing Ropes
Loose straps can be pierced through the packaging material, so it's important that when you move microwave or other electrical device-your tie and secure them in place.

Microwave cable wrap and tape the use of the packaging or a plastic zip tie to secure so it does not come loose. Then use packing tape to adhere the cable is wrapped to the side of the microwave. These easy steps will only take a minute or more, and will make a big difference in how easy it is to pack up and move your microwave.

Pak Right Way
The best way to pack when you move the microwave is to use the original box and packaging that comes.

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