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Cheap housing and house plans

      Steel Frame House Plans, Steel Frame House Kits House Factory International We provide disaster resistant, low-cost, quality housing for disaster prone areas of the world. Our light gauge steel framing packages include but are not limited to single homes, duplexes and multiplexes, as well as multistory buildings. These structures can be engineered to specific needs, [...]


Save time & money

Builders Save on Time and Cost Using Steel Framing Modern steel house frames are easy to use. Suppliers are making them ever more appealing to builders as they work to improve their systems and meet builders. needs. Builders can do a high quality job with ease and efficiency. Computer aided design and manufacture permit the [...]


Do It Yourself – House Kits

To build your house with steel House Factory International can offer you 2 pricing options: Option: Kit 1 – for Franchisee @ Euros 4.25/kg Includes: 1. Steel frames and trusses 2. Earthquakes resistant structures 3. Roof trusses, anchors and bolts 4. Fitting manual Option: Kit 2 for Non-franchisee @ Euros 6.80/kg Includes: 1. Steel frames [...]


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