House Factory buildings are very competitive in cost when compared to conventionally built homes that are constructed to an equivalent engineering standard. The quality of the materials and the finished product tends to be superior to other systems. 

Pricing depends on many factors and are valid ONLY for Frachisees. The standard kit package includes all steel frames structures, earthquake resistant framing, roof trusses, anchores, bolts, brackets, screws as well as Engineering and Building Plans at Euro 4.25/Kg Ex-Factory Romania. Non-Franchisees will pay Euro 6.80/Kg Ex-Factory Romania 

Shipping for this kit will typically add according with distance to destination. Options such as doors, windows, roof sheeting, gypsum boards, joint compound,paint, floor tile, cabinets, custom windows and doors add to the final tally. House Factory buildings usually cost less to complete than other buildings methods when building to an equivalent finished quality and engineering standard. 

Prices are Ex-Factory, Romania. They do not include freight, duties & VAT payable in your country.

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