Global Funding

Hindmarsh LLC Group of Companies provides Project Financing with the following conditions:
 - Fixed Interest Rate between 4% and 7% p.a. depending on the risks involved ;
 - Repayment Period: 1 ÷ 25 years;
 - Grace period:  between 6 months  and 2 years, with capitalization of Interest or Interest only;
 - Financing Costs: 5.3% payable once upon disbursement of Funds at Settlement
 - Project is the Guarantee – no penalties for early Repayment started with Non-Refundable funding Eligible Grants,  etc..
 Minimum value of the project: EUR 10 million maximum: no limit specified.
Note: For projects with very high values – Fixed Interest Rate 4-6% p.a.

Areas where projects can be funded:
1. Investment in Industrial production:
 Extracting and Processing Raw Materials
 Construction Machinery, Transportation and Distribution Systems for Electricity and Heat
 Renewable Energy Sources, Wind, Solar Energy, Telecommunications Infrastructure (including Interactive Satellite television etc..), systems of Road, Rail, Air, Sea / River

2. Investment in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fish Farming:
 Capacity, processing, packaging, transport and distribution
 Geotechnical and hydro-related arrangements
 Environmental protection, soil regeneration affected product / industrial wastes, reclamation areas deforested, wood and other products (berries, herbs)

3. investment in civil engineering:
 Civil Purpose Real Estate Development
 Special Purpose Building
 Road Infrastructure
 Railway Infrastructure
 Municipal Waste Processing Capacity
 Integrated Assemblies / Individual Leisure Parks

4. Investment in the development of Public and Private Services:
 Infrastructure and Capabilities in Medical Tourism and Leisure
 Medical Services (Infrastructure, Equipment, Licenses, etc..)
 Infrastructure for the Education System, Education and Research (Infrastructure, Equipment, Licenses, Patents, etc.). including technological projects
 Welfare, Minority Integration, Cultural, Religions and National Heritage (Monuments restoration, construction, etc..)
Social Housing, Social Facilities and Capabilities for organizing Sport, Cultural and Artistic Events promotion.

5. investment in infrastructure development of public utilities:
 drinking water supply networks
 sewerage systems (including vacuum exhaust technologies)
 Inside and outside the city road system

Beneficiaries of the projects funded are private legal entities, private companies, APL’s (local government), decentralized structure or confused central government, NGOs and any joint public-private partnerships.

It requires a history of the applicant. This is for “future”, ie evaluate only project managers and CV to apply. Thus, a ninth company, may request funding for projects that have registered NACE code.

Main steps and conditions of financing ongoing projects:

1. Preliminary Meeting – Partnership Agreement signed with Hindmarsh LLC
2. Proof of Banking Creditworthiness – Client will submit an Irrevocable Bank Guarantee in favour of Hindmarsh LLC payable in 100 days
3. Pre-assessment of Business Plan, Feasibility Study and Executive Summary – 7 days
4. Receiving Pre-assessment report positive (otherwise, cancel the bank guarantee and lapses Partnership Agreement for the project).
5. Preparation and submission of full Loan Application File in English.
6. Receive Offer (tender) for Finance – 60 days. Hindmarsh LLC will pay all costs of Analyzing and Processing Documents in accordance with the Anglo-Saxon Methodology, preparing Business Plans and Feasibility Studies, Executive Summaries, Memorandum of Information, Projects and searching for Finantiers / Venture Capital, interface with Brokerage Firms, as well as Courier and Emergency Fees (if necessary)
7. Funding Contract negotiations with assistance from Hindmarsh LLC under the Partnership Agreement.
8. Settlement of the amounts financed – 30 days. Brokers and consultants are paid directly by the Financiers upon settlement of funds. 
9. Monitor  the financing contract according to schedules, to monitor the implementation and project implementation.


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