• Your House Factory franchise walks you step-by-step through the entire homebuilding or remodeling process.
We can assist with evaluation, budgeting; revising plans or locating house plans; permit processing;
locating and are available 24/7 via phone or email to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

• Builders that go it alone are much more likely to make expensive mistakes.
These mistakes can also cause time delays impacting the next stages of construction or even your move-in date.
That’s what makes House Factory franchise different – we’re with you every step of the way.
Our expertise and direct personal involvement greatly reduces the inherent risks of building or remodeling to achieve your custom home.

No construction experience necessary

• When you work with House Factory to build or remodel your dream home you don’t need to lift a hammer or touch a nail.
In fact, many of our successful clients have no prior construction experience.
We’ve been helping people build or remodel their homes since 2001 and have worked with many people just like your.

• Of course, if you have trusted subs you’ve worked with before, you’re welcome to use them on your project.
We provide you a manual which will give you the necessary expertise to build a house just like an expert.

• Your business is safe with us!

Master Franchising rights in your region

House Factory is the first and only company to offer you Master Franchising rights in your region for 5 years with further renewal options.
Total investment for a Master Franchising license is as follows:

1. Simple Master Franchise License - Marketing Rights only. No License Fee Applicable. Franchisee MUST lodge a Firm Order with Payment to the value of 39,000 Euros for which he will receive a complete package of Steel Frames in strict compliance with Engineering Plans provided by the Franchisee. All future Steel Frames will be purchased at cost from Steel Frames Factory, Romania

2. Full Master Franchise License @390,000 euros – Marketing & Manufacturing Rights. Equipment supplied by House Building Systems, Romania
Both will receive complete know how manual to build houses using Steel Frames technology from House Building Systems. This option will also receive the following equipment:

• 2 x Automatic Roll Former 500 series
• 2 x Roll of Steel
• 2 x Motorised decoiler including Gcad
• 2 x Wall Plan Designer
• 2 x RF software
• 2 x Smart card reader
• 2 x Plumbing Notch Tool
• 1 x Chief Architect software
• 2 x Spare Parts
• 1 x deliver of machinery to requested location
• 1 x display of Franchise on House Factory website with contact details
• 1 x Franchise rights in nominated territory for 5 years
• 1 x Franchise rights to sell building products and services of House Factory
• Unlimited access to our managing and marketing teams for advise
• Ongoing updates and support from Head Office
With House Factory you can benefit from our partnerships and be in direct control of your budget.
By saving at every step of the construction process you can control your costs to maximize your profit.

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