What will a House Factory home cost? 

House Factory buildings are very competitive in cost when compared to conventionally built homes that are constructed to an equivalent engineering standard. The quality of the materials and the finished product tends to be superior to other systems. Pricing depends on many factors. The standard, low cost, 3 bedroom, 100 sqm component kit package, including: all steel frames, roof trusses, screws, bolts, brackets, engineering certification and building plans will cost between Euro 4.25-6.80/Kg Ex-factory (depending on franchise type). Shipping for this home will typically add according destinations. The excavation work, concrete foundtion, plumbing and electrical will be provided locally at the local cost. Options such as paint, floor tile, cabinets, custom windows and doors add to the final tally. House Factory buildings usually cost less to complete than other buildings methods when building to an equivalent finished quality and engineering standard.

How long does it take for your package to arrive on site?

We currently manufacture House Factory component packages in our production facilities in Romania. A typical turn-around time is 90 days from the submission of a quotation to the client till the complete House Factory package is delivered . During this period, complete engineering drawings are produced and sent to the client. The building site is prepared and the excavation and foundation work completed.

Can I build it myself?

You might be able to put together the House Factory component system yourself providing you are assisted by our crew to help you erect the House Factory component portion of your house.

Will I need insurance for a House Factory home?

You will need to provide your own insurance coverage to satisfy the requirements of your financing institution and to satisfy your own needs. A House Factory house can be insured at a rate comparable or lower than the rate used for conventional concrete homes .

What is a House Factory home?

House Factory is an engineered building system that utilizes wooden components manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards in a state-of-the-art production facility. Most custom designs for a conventional structure up to three stories (two stories in a hurricane zone) can be modified to use the House Factory building system. Our Engineered System has three basic features: the floor system, wall system and roof system These components can be used to create an infinite number of floor plans and roof designs. The materials used in the House Factory system are the highest quality available worldwide.

Does a House Factory home look different than a brick or masonry home?

No. In fact many people comment that upon first visiting a completed home, they can’t tell the difference between a conventionally built home and a House Factory home. We have many satisfied homeowners who feel that their home is superior in quality of finish and strength to their neighbor’s home. This is because of the many standard features including precision engineered components, insulated walls, low maintenance materials used throughout and the engineered strength of the entire structure. The finished home is aesthetically pleasing and matches the prevailing architectural styles of the location where it is built.

What is House Factory best suited for?

House Factory is a building system and it can be utilized for almost any design or type of building, both residential and commercial. House Factory buildings are ideal for schools, clinics, government buildings, resorts, mining camps and homes in most areas of Europe, America and Australia where conventional building is very difficult and slow. We have built custom vacation rental homes for up-scale tourist destinations in Europe, middle-income homes for local residents, large scale housing developments, resorts, schools,medical centers and luxury homes House Factory provides an ideal system for anyone looking for a building that will withstand the weather, require low maintenance, is easy and fast to complete and is competitive in price with any other conventional or manufactured system.

Can your homes be built on steep or remote sites?

House Factory has built structures in many locations considered too difficult to build on or where conventional construction would take years to complete. We can build with the House Factory System on any site and at any location where our building materials can be delivered, whether by container, truck, boat, helicopter or hand. By utilizing our floor system, the excavation and foundation work is kept to a minimum and typically eliminates the need for heavy equipment.

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